on Novembre 30, 2016

Patrick Sommer1 mese fa
Let’s say I wanted to use these like a pair of Razer Hydra, without VR, just playing Overwatch, CS:GO etc. using the right controller with direct mouse input (this obviously requires software, like the Sixense Software for the hydra), but would it be possible?
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Monstah Jones
Monstah Jones1 mese fa
That’s an interesting question.. shame I’ve got no clue, but I’d be just as interested in knowing..
Dooms2471 mese fa
Nope. They establish connection with the HMD, not the PC directly.
tyson smith
tyson smith1 mese fa
Why why even make these? oculus cant even sell 100k headsets in 7 months….neither could vive….psvr just 10 folded both companies in one single day. Rip to the pc headsets, move on to travel vr where you belong. you have no future in in the gaming market with the best headset for gaming psvr.


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